Christ's Forgiveness Ministries Mentor and Leadership Training

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This is the second phase that will equip you with the skills to lead the people of God! You have already completed your core discipleship training and are actively serving and building your relationship with Jesus. This Bible Study will help you know Jesus more and equip you both personally and for mentoring ministry. Part of the ongoing discipleship training is that you become a mentor to someone else. Unless we become stable enough in our own walk with the Lord to disciple another person, we are not yet complete. We believe God’s given each one of us the ability to be disciple makers and examples in this world. But it starts with getting to know Jesus.

1. A Christian that agrees with our statement of faith.
2. Access to a video camera, computer, and the internet. (You will need this to upload video assignments)
3. Agree with our code of conduct.
4. Signing in to the online classes on our Video Chat and completing homework assignments on a weekly basis
5. Completed Phase 1



Application will be open to the public soon