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Christ’s Forgiveness Phase 2 Bible Studies – August 2022

24 weeks
All levels
19 lessons
0 quizzes
48 students

Become an accredited and certified evangelist with CFM

In this program, you will learn the foundations of the Christian Faith, be able to apply disciplines that will give you a solid walk with Jesus and learn how to share the gospel CFM style. Completion and passing of this program will make you eligible to receive credentials with CFM as a certified Evangelist. This program is the pre-requirements for any other course in our Evangelism training.

1. A Christian that agree’s with our statement of faith.
2. Access to a video camera, computer, and the internet. (You will need this to upload video assignments)
3. Agree with our code of conduct.
4. Signing in to the online classes on our Video Chat and completing homework assignments on a weekly basis

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